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Palos Verdes Estates Neighborhoods
Lunada Bay/Margate
The lower Lunada Bay area is on the ocean side and is a popular area for running, walking and bicycling.
This area is a favorite for families because Lunada Bay Elementary, Margate Intermediate and Palos Verdes High schools are all within walking distance.
Across from the Lunada Bay Fountain is a commercial plaza with a market, service station, shops and a restaurant.
Lunada Bay is known for its community spirit, which is demonstrated each year when residents and the Lunada Bay Homeowners Association put on a festival known as the 'Harvest Festival'. Also, summer concerts are offered in the Lunada Bay Park for residents to enjoy with their picnic meals at sunset.
Monte Malaga
The lots in Monte Malaga are typically among the largest in Palos Verdes Estates and most of the new homes that are being built there are very large and can have up to 39,000 square feet.
Monte Malaga is the highest elevation in Rancho Palos Verdes at 1,380 feet.
The elementary school is Monte Malaga Elementary School located within the area with grades kindergarten through fifth.
Kids in intermediate school attend Palos Verdes Intermediate School and high school students have a choice of attending Palos Verdes or Peninsula High Schools.


Malaga Cove/PV Golf Course 
Malaga Cove is the home to the greatest view of all the south bay, called the "Queen's Necklace"
Malaga Cove was the first developed area in PVE and includes the "Malaga Cove Plaza" commercial district with the famous "Neptune Fountain"
The Malaga Cove Library is located on Palos Verdes Drive West. Upper Malaga Cove has many homes with even grander views than lower Malaga Cove.
The PV Country Club located at the east end of Malaga Cove is a semi-private championship golf course with a Mediterranean-style clubhouse. Club membership is restricted to residents of Palos Verdes Estates.
A tennis club is also located at the country club.
A trail on the bluff below Malaga Cove School leads to a wide sandy beach in the adjacent city of Torrance. It has County lifeguards and a bike trail that can be ridden as far north as Marina del Rey.
Malaga Cove has many jogging trails and beautifully landscaped parks. Among them is Olmsted Place and Memorial Park
The rugged coastline provides enjoyment for surfing enthusiasts and tide pool observers. There is a paved path from the bluffs of Malaga Cove to reach the shoreline and the tide pool.

Valmonte homes are generally older and smaller than other areas on the hill and were built individually by owners who purchased lots - this is not a tract neighborhood.
The homes are a mixed style--craftsman, ranch, Spanish, contemporary, etc.
Valmontes welcoming location is always accustomed to people out running, walking and riding bikes.
Valmonte is known for it's near perfect weather - not too much fog, wind or heat and is shaded by it's dense eucalyptus grove throughout most of the city.
It is also known for having no sidewalks, streetlights or signals.

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