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Legally Sell Your Home For Less Than You Owe!

What is a Short Sale and How Can it Help Me?


  • Are you behind on mortgage payments for your South Bay home or condo?
  • Have you experienced personal hardship that’s affected your finances?
  • Do you owe more on your South Bay home or condo than it’s worth?
  • Are you worried about the impact of foreclosure on your credit?
  • Is the threat of foreclosure affecting your personal relationships?
  • Do you have a security clearance or sensitive job that could be threatened?
  • Do you want the entire situation to just be done with?

If you’ve looked at your options to foreclosure and think selling your South Bay home or condo for less than you owe on it, known as a short sale, is the best option read on.

You’re probably under a lot of stress and aren’t sure how to sell your South Bay home or condo without any equity, overcoming the threat of foreclosure. Many people are in this situation and lenders are willing to work with you! Helping clients with short sales is our specialty and our proven process and experienced team will give you the best chance to get your short sale approved by your lenders.

We Can Help with Your Short Sale to:

  • Save your credit
  • Avoid foreclosure
  • Keep your job and/or security clearance
  • Be done with the situation and move on with your life!

What Exactly is a Short Sale?

A short sale is when the selling price of your home after closing costs and fees is less than what you currently owe to lenders and creditors. When an owner is unable to pay the difference at closing, the lender's approval to accept less than the full loan amount is required. It’s a fact, lenders DO NOT want to foreclose on your home given the option and they’re negotiating with sellers to accept a lower payoff to close the loan.

What Can a South Bay Short Sale Specialist Do For Me?

The short sale process is more time intensive for a real estate agent and not like a normal sale. Depending where you are in the foreclosure process, whether you haven’t yet missed a payment and expect to soon or are already missing payments, you need an appropriate and aggressive marketing strategy, both the get an offer on your home and have the lender accept a short payoff.

Getting an offer submitted to your lender can stall the foreclosure process while they consider a short sale, but it’s vital to have the proper information included in your short sale packet that banks and lenders want to see when determining whether to accept your offer.

Since the clock is ticking down to foreclosure and your future is at stake, it’s vital to work with the best qualified real estate marketing and short sale team.

For a confidential consultation on your unique situation and learn how we can team with you to help, contact us today since each passing day counts.


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